Wealth Management

Wealth Management

Authenticity that reflects your distinction

Private banking and Wealth Management solutions

With 40 years of global and local experience in private banking, Ahli United Bank's Private Banking Department offers innovative Sharia-compliant wealth management solutions.

We are at your service through the Bank's Asset Management team and our Customer Relationship Managers to help you complete all your banking transactions, from simple day-to-day operations to major investments in Kuwait and abroad through the international regional network that is fully prepared to serve you and meet your needs.
The services offered by Ahli United Bank include a wide and comprehensive range of Sharia-compliant financial and banking services including offshore banking, wealth management, private banking, investment services, asset management, real estate fund management, treasury services, , commercial finance, as well as personal banking services. Our financing products are based on two Sharia-compliant principles: Ijara financing, which is based on the principle of leasing, or Murabaha financing, which is based on the principle of trading.
Our products and services are subject to the supervision, guidance and auditing of the Sharia Supervisory Board, which is composed of well-known scholars with expertise and knowledge in order to ensure that all transactions are Sharia-compliant.

As a private banking customer, we offer you a range of financial and non-financial services and facilities along with a number of privileges including:

Dedicated Relationship Managers to Private Banking

Communication with dedicated relationship managers to serve you is the core of our personal banking service, where we offer you the utmost attention. The Customer Relations Manager dedicates his time and efforts to understanding your and your family’s future needs and goals.

He takes care of each individual customer separately, meeting your needs very quickly in complete privacy and trust.

Real estate services, wealth management and investment solutions

We are well aware that your investments and assets are intrinsically linked to your success. As one of our distinguished customers in Ahli United Bank's private banking department & wealth management, we give you the attention and service you deserve.
Based on a thorough review and study of your data, funding, objectives, and the identification of the right investments for you, we provide you with an integrated solution that suits your needs and expectations. We guide you and help you to make the right decision at the right time and achieve the highest returns.

We follow up on your assets and potential acquisitions, and we advise, support and guide you in your financing decisions. Our staff will identify suitable properties and connect you with key stakeholders such as property owners, lawyers, and leasing agencies. You can rely on us for important legal and tax advice with a focus on how to properly structure for tax cuts and pay bills, look for the right properties and acquire them at the best prices and options available for mortgages.
Because our first focus is on you, we dedicate to you an experienced personal relationship manager to help you reach out to the most important investment managers around the world, and to look for investment products that meet your expectations and investment needs, besides providing any needed advise.

We link you with the best investment fund managers in the world so that you can have more options and greater flexibility in investments the suits your needs.

Advisory Seminars

As a distinguished Private Banking customer, we offer you the latest developments around the world to take advantage of the best opportunities in the market by conducting specialized seminars and consulting sessions. These activities include topics such as, but not limited to, property investments, taxes and world market developments.

The aim of these seminars is to introduce you to the latest updates, developments, continuous changes in the global market, and tax policies to help you make the right decisions that affect your investment.

Unique Privileges for private banking customers

Because you are a customer of Ahli United Bank's private banking department, you can enjoy all the banking services ranging from simple daily services to the more exclusive offers through the AUB global network.

Choose from our wide range of banking services what suits your investment needs and aspirations. Facilities, deposits, private banking, currency management and many other options are available to help you daily in your banking operations and money management with confidentiality and privacy.
We have designed a range of exclusive credit cards such as Visa Infinity Card and Master World to offer you many exclusive features and offers.

Your Visa Infinite card offers you a variety of benefits including 24/7 concierge service, free inclusive travel insurance, unlimited free access to more than 750 airport lounges around the world, emergency assistance around the world and protection of purchases.

Specialized Products

Ahli United Bank's Private Banking Department offers a range of unique products designed to suit the needs and preferences of customers.

You can rest assured that we are doing all we can to offer you the best products ever, including fixed income products, equities, structured investments and subscriptions.

Global Banking Solutions

As a Private Banking customer, you can enjoy any of our private banking services at any time including the most exclusive offers through Ahli United Bank's global network in Bahrain, Qatar, Egypt, Oman, Iraq and the UK via your personal relationship officer in Kuwait.

Our private banking services include full management of internal and external banking operations to give you access to the investments you need more flexibly. Thanks to Ahli United Bank's extensive global network, you will receive exclusive coverage and a unique partnership that will guide you to the right investment opportunities.
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