Innovative ATM Service

Innovative ATM Service

Secure and convenient banking anytime.

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Description of the Service

AUB is delighted to announce its innovative ATMs, which offer a wide variety of financial and non-financial transactions at the branch – with new services and innovative features being introduced to make your visit a more enjoyable experience.

How to get this service

Acquire an ATM Card from your nearest branch and indulge yourself with the rich features of AUB ATM network.


All AUB customers.

Services available

  • Intuitive new interface for faster financial transactions
  • Cash Withdrawal & Deposit
  • Emergency Cash Withdrawal.
  • Cardless Cash Deposit using Civil ID
  • Activate Credit Cards
  • Stop Credit / Prepaid Cards
  • Cheque deposit
  • Transfer funds within AUB
  • Transfer between own account
  • International Transfer
  • Instant Transfer
  • Transfer funds to other local banks
  • Update your Civil ID, Mobile and email information
  • View and print account balance & statement
  • View Credit/ Prepaid card details
  • View Finance and Standing Order details
  • Request Chequebook
  • Cardless Cash Withdrawal:
  • Prestage a transaction on mobile banking and be granted the ability to withdraw using mobile number or a valid civil ID
  • Easy Payment services:
  • Settle your credit card payments
  • Reload your prepaid card
  • Mobile Payments
  • Charity and Donations
  • ATM PIN change
  • Telebanking PIN registration
  • If you are a company or a start-up and yet you didn't get the deposit cards! then you are missing out the flexible feature grants you “without disclosing your financial information” the ability to issue your employers a deposit card with specific permissions:
    Deposit Cash
    Deposit Cheque
    Deposit both Cash and Cheque

How to use

Watch our Video Tutorials on our YouTube channel
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Service Fees

Free of charge.

Terms and Conditions

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