Disputes Request Service

Disputes Request Service

Launching a new distinguished electronic service used for reporting in case of bank card fraud. This service will save time and speed by stopping the card immediately and taking the necessary measures. It is easy and simple.

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Q1- What's the method that you should follow to report your bank card fraud?

It is required to click on the service through the bank website and fill in the personal data and details of the lost or stolen bank card. Once done, a page will appear. "Your request has been successfully accepted" message will pop up.

Q2 - When does the bank stop the card?

The bank stops the card the second you press the STOP CARD button in the electronic service section.

Q3 - How will the customer be assured of the procedure's correctness of the exposed bank card?

The bank will send the customer a notification with the review number on the mobile phone and e-mail.

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