AUB Mobile App

AUB Mobile App

A smart app at your fingertips!

With the smart app, you can access your accounts and conduct your transactions easily and securely from your phone. You will be able to complete several transactions and benefit from various services anytime, anywhere.

Latest Features:

  • Unlock Credit/Prepaid Card PIN
  • Change Credit/Prepaid Card PIN
  • Pearl Points Redemption – Cash Back
  • Signup/Forgot password through PACI ( Kuwait Mobile ID )
  • Electronic Transfer Service - Dividends
  • Debit Card Activation
  • Prepaid Card Request
  • Change Debit Card Pin Number
  • Unlock Debit Card Pin Number


AUB individual customers holding an active debit card and Telebanking PIN

Available features

  • Open deposit account
  • Open saving account
  • Activate dormant account
  • Request finance, prepaid card and credit card
  • Temporary freeze/unfreeze prepaid/credit card
  • Report lost/stolen prepaid/credit card
  • Activate prepaid/credit card
  • Payments of credit card and utility bills
  • Payments to Zakat House and other charitable organizations
  • Access accounts and view transactions
  • Check credit card statement
  • View Finance details
  • Transfer funds within AUB without fees
  • Transfer funds within Kuwait local banks without fees
  • Transfer funds internationally with reduced fees
  • Cardless Cash Withdrawal
  • Request Individual Payment
  • Request Group Payment
  • Fund your account
  • Reload credit / prepaid card through KNET

How to use

Login by entering username and password and tap login button or login using biometric feature


Secure banking anytime, anywhere

Service Fees

Free of Charge

Terms & Conditions

Individual customer’s terms and conditions apply Click Here
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