Power of attorney

Power of Attorney

The Banking Power of Attorney (Wekala) was developed to facilitate matters for Customers to know the rights (Wekala articles) that can be granted to the Agent (Bank):

The Customers can remove or add some articles from the Wekala as they desire, as the Wekala is issued by the Customers who have the right to determine what the Agent can do;
Customers clearly understand the impact of all phrases in the Wekala. For example the phrase “The right to withdraw from the account” means that the Agent can withdraw the full balance of the account and not only a part of it;
The Customers will know the amount of rights granted to the Agent;
The Customers know that Holder of the P.O.A will not be granted/issued any finance deals and credit card.
The Customers know that they are fully committed to the results of the Wekala;
The Customers know that the Bank is not liable for implementing the Wekala issued by the Customers.
You can apply for an Internal POA by visiting any AUB branch
Please be careful when granting an authorization or power of attorney for another person to complete any banking transactions on customer behalf
If you wish to cancel the POA that you granted to the agent, kindly visit the nearest branch to cancel the POA.
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