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Mobile Banking Service

Mobile Banking Service

Mobile Banking Service

A smart app at your fingertips!

With the smart app, you can access your accounts and conduct your transactions easily and securely from your phone. You will be able to complete several transactions and benefit from various services anytime, anywhere.

Latest Updates & New Services

The new updates include the following set of new services:


  • Request Payment
  • Split Payment
  • Fund Your Account
  • Cardless Cash Withdrawal
  • Reload Your Credit & Prepaid Cards Using K-Net

List of other Services

  • Open deposit account
  • Open saving account
  • Activate dormant account
  • Request prepaid card
  • Temporary freeze/unfreeze prepaid/credit card
  • Report lost/stolen prepaid/credit card
  • Log in
  • Change Password
  • Biometrics
  • Signup
  • Forgot Password
  • Payments (Cards & third party)
  • Search Transaction History (Payments)
  • View Standing Orders
  • View Account Balances
  • View Financing
  • View Account Balances & FD
  • Search Transaction History (Accounts)
  • Share Account Information
  • Search Transaction History (Transfers)

  • Activate prepaid/credit card
  • Payment of credit card and service bills
  • Making payments to Zakat House and other charitable organizations
  • Access accounts and view transactions
  • Check your credit card statement
  • Follow-up loan details
  • Transfers (Own Accounts)
  • Transfers (Local Accounts)
  • Transfers (International)
  • Download & Share reciept
  • Search Transaction History (Cards)
  • View Credit Card Balances
  • Block Debit Card
  • Apply for prepaid card
  • Create Pre-paid Card (Instant Issuance Online)
  • Order Cheque Book
  • Exchange Rate
  • Apply for products and services
  • Update Mobile
  • Update Email

Frequently asked questions

How long do transfers take via mobile banking?
24 hours for transfers to local banks and 15 minutes for transfers between Ahli United Bank accounts.
What bills can I pay through the mobile banking service?
Service bills, credit card dues, donations to Zakat House and other charitable organizations.
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