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Ways to Bank

Ways to Bank

  • E-Payment Gateway

    E-Payment Gateway

    To our customers who are merchants, we provide you with an online service that enables you to pay for your purchases easily and safely through a secure website.

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  • Instant SMS

    Instant SMS

    Thanks to this service, you will receive instant SMS alerts on your mobile phone about any transactions on your accounts. The service also provides instant notifications about new promotions.

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  • Online Banking Service

    Online Banking Service

    Thanks to our online banking service, you will be able to access your accounts and conduct banking transactions safely and easily through a secure website. You will also have the possibility to conduct many transactions and benefit from various services.

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  • Points of Sale

    Points of Sale

    Corporate service helps businesses easily accept payments from customers. Through POS terminals, customers visiting your store to purchase services or products can easily and conveniently pay by debit or credit cards without having to carry cash or withdraw money to pay for purchases.

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  • ATMs outside our branches

    ATMs outside our branches

    We support your business by allowing visitors and customers to conduct multiple banking transactions with ease and convenience through ATMs available outside Ahli United Bank branches.

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  • Mobile Banking Service

    Mobile Banking Service

    With the smart app, you can access your accounts and conduct your transactions easily and securely from your phone. You will be able to complete several transactions and benefit from various services anytime, anywhere.

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  • E-School Service

  • Pay Your Installment Service

  • E-KYC Service

    E-KYC Service

    Update your KYC now easily

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