Wealth is in your Al Tharwa account!

Al Tharwa account is an investment savings account where profit is calculated on the average monthly credit balance calculated on the daily balance during the month.


  • The bank will invest 60% of the account balance while the other remaining portion of the balance will be treated according to the current account principles. the Customer shall not be entitled to any profits on the non-invested balance.
  • Minimum balance : KD 500 only
  • Available in Kuwaiti Dinars and other major currencies
  • Salary cannot be transferred to this account
  • There is no minimum balance charge


  • Profits are paid at the end of every quarter and are calculated on the average end-of-day balance for each month
  • Free ATM debit card
  • Free online banking

Conditions and required documents

  • Valid Civil ID card

Terms and conditions

  • Profit is calculated based on the daily balance during the month.
  • The Bank shall collect 40% of the net profit realized from the investment saving account in consideration of its share as a Mudareb partner
  • If the account is closed, it will be marked as “Pending Profit Payout” and will be permanently closed once profits are distributed in the second quarter of account closure.
  • The Customer is entitled to request the closure of his account upon the Bank’s consent. In this case, the Customer shall be entitled to the expected return agreed with the Bank, if realized, and shall bear his share of any realized loss calculated on the basis of the average balance of funds invested for the period.

Frequently asked questions

Can I have a card for this account (debit/credit)?
Is the KD 500 blocked?
* The opening of an account is subject to the Bank's terms and conditions

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