Real Estate Finance

Real Estate Finance

Congratulations on your new house!

Because your future and stability are our priority, we offer you this Finance so you can own a building, a villa or a plot of land.


  • Repayment period of one to five years  
    Finance up to KD 2,000,000
    Finance period of up to 20 years for investment properties
    Repayment period of up to 10 years for residential properties
    Quick approval
    Register the land immediately in your name


  • Sharia-compliant financing
    Grace period up to 3 months
    Competitive pricing

Conditions and documents required

  • Personal documents (civil ID card, salary certificate, statement of account, PNW, CI-Net, personal income verification documents, CBK query form, legal verification)
  • Property documents (copy of title deed, copy of leases with receipt of rent for the previous 3 months validated by bank statement , two evaluation reports of the property)
  • Seller documents: (civil ID card, price offer)

Terms and Conditions

  • In the case of Murabaha Finance for real estate or construction materials for Murabaha residential properties (without land), at least two real estate mortgages must be obtained.
  • In the case of Murabaha Finance for real estate or construction materials for residential properties (without land): if the customer’s first house is financed by the Credit Bank of Kuwait, and the customer is seeking to finance a second house, the Bank will get a second class mortgage for the first house and a first class mortgage for the second house.

Frequently asked questions

Can I get the finance with a big final payment?
No, because real estate finance must be within a maximum period of ten years.
Can the Bank provide the finance without verifying income source requirements?
No, because this is a requirement of the Central Bank of Kuwait.
* The opening of an account is subject to the Bank's terms and conditions

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Real Estate Finance

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