Salary Account

Salary Account

We take into account your monthly salary!

Because serving you best is at the top of our priorities, we have designed a special account for the transfer of your monthly salary. The salary account is for individuals only and within your reach. The credit balance in your account is considered an interest-free loan where the account is not subject to profit and loss.



  • Qard Hasan up to 25,000 Kuwaiti dinars (maximum).
  • Competitive profit rates on financing up to 180 months.
  • Free credit card for the first year.

Additional Benefits:

  • Instant issuance of an ATM card upon opening a salary account.
  • ATM Withdrawal up to KD 2,000 per day.
  • Installment finance up to KD 70,000 at competitive profit rates.
  • Book a car finance and benefit from Ahli United Bank’s offerings with various car dealerships.
  • Free Valet parking* in selected locations in Kuwait click here
  • Free concierge services* through calling +965 22969995
  • Earn AUB pearl point rewards at Kuwait Airways, Qatar and Gulf Air program when using AUB credit cards - Click Here
  • Free travel insurance when booking your airline tickets using Ahli United Bank Credit Cards (Except for MasterCard cyber cards) Click Here


*Available for Premium/Private debit cards, Visa Platinum, Master Card Platinum, World MasterCard and Visa Infinite credit cards.


  • For Kuwaiti employed in the oil sector, private sector or government Sector
  • The customer must be between 21-63 years old.
  • Minimum Salary of KD 800, during the period of validity of the offer
  • For private sector employed, the basic salary in addition to MANPOWER allowance must be transferred to take advantage of the offer

For more information:

  • Visit any of AUB branches across Kuwait, or contact us on 1812000 "Hayakom Service"
  • For fees and commission - Click here

Frequently asked questions

Does Qard Hassan follow the bank's credit policies ?
Yes, the approval of the Qard Hassan follows the same policies as the approval of personal financing, as well as the terms and conditions of the Central Bank for monthly installments not to exceed 40% of the monthly salary.
Is Qard Hassan included within maximum limit for personal and consumer finance ?
Yes, Qard Hassan is included within the maximum limit that can be available.
Does the offer include retired customers?
The offer does not include retired customers.
How can the customer see the airport halls?
* The opening of an account is subject to the Bank's terms and conditions

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Salary Account

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