Current Account

Current Account

Our service is not at the expense of your time

We offer you a quick and accurate service for your daily transactions. This current account for individuals is at your disposal, and the credit balance in the customer’s account is considered an interest-free loan where the account is not subject to profit and loss.


  • Available in Kuwaiti Dinars and other major currencies
  • No minimum balance charge


  • ATM Mastercard
  • Withdrawal of cash up to KD 2,000 per day through ATMs
  • A credit card can be obtained against a financial guarantee
  • Fast and flexible local and international remittances
  • Standing deduction orders

Conditions and required documents

  • Valid Civil ID card

More Details

A Qard Hassan that does not deserve any profits and does not bear any losses
Withdrawals from the account are made by Cheque or by a withdrawal notice available through the branch counter.
You can get a 10-page Cheque book when opening the account (commission 2 KD) and 25 pages for subsequent times (commission 5 KD).
You can obtain a credit card against a block of 110% or against the salary, subject to the approval of the bank in accordance with the applicable terms and conditions.
You can get a free or customized monthly account statement.

Always Remember
No withdrawals will be made if there is no balance in the account.
The current account(s) will be closed, in the event that 3 cheques without balance are returned within a year, in addition to the inclusion of the name in the list of clients whose accounts have been closed due to bounced cheques.

Customer responsibility
Maintain the cheque book in a safe place and notify the bank in case the cheque book or any of its papers is lost.
Updating the civil ID data and providing the bank with a valid card.
Maintaining the debit card and the password, and notifying the bank immediately in the event of its loss, as the customer is responsible for any withdrawals made with the debit card until its cancellation.
Always ensure that there are sufficient balances to cover the cheques issued to the account of other creditors

Frequently asked questions

What are the main benefits?
  • Free ATM Mastercard
  • Withdrawal of cash up to KD 2,000 per day
  • Available in Kuwaiti Dinars and other major currencies

You may view the Features and Benefits section for more information.
Can I open a current account for my children?
The account may not be opened for minors under 21 years of age.
* The opening of an account is subject to the Bank's terms and conditions

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Current Account

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