AUB Sponsors "Their Life is Valuable" Campaign in support of people of determination

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04 November 2020

AUB Sponsors "Their Life is Valuable" Campaign in support of people of determination

Ahli united bank (AUB) announced its sponsorship of the campaign “Their Life is Valuable”, that was launched by the Public Authority of the Disabled with the aim to support the mental health of people of determination in the face of the negative impacts arising from the spread of “COVID-19” pandemic, this campaign caters for supporting the mental health of people of determination in response of the psychological and social problems caused due to the general lockdown and closure of schools, institutions and educational centers.
"Their Life is Valuable" campaign was launched early last September, with the strategic partnership of the Public Authority of the Disabled and the Human Building Team for Social Development, with the participation of the government and private sectors and civil society institutions. The campaign aims at reducing the effects of the novel coronavirus pandemic on people of determination, support their families psychologically and socially, qualify them to deal with their children in such circumstances, and provide them with treatment plans to enable them overcome the difficulties and impact of this pandemic. This campaign is based on 3 main pillars, namely rehabilitation, education and entertainment. It will provide practical plans and effective solutions for families, to help them overcome the social and psychological impacts arising from this pandemic.

Speaking on the occasion, Mrs. Sahar Dashti, General Manager Customer Protection and Head of the Bank’s CSR Team said, “We thank those in charge of launching this campaign, which touched on a very important aspect; the psychological aspect of people of determination in light of the unfavorable atmosphere that we all experienced due to the repercussions of COVID-19 pandemic, the arising lockdown, and policies of social distancing. There is no doubt that people of determination and their families are in need of psychological help and support under these circumstances”.

Dashti added, “AUB does not hesitate to support people of determination, believing that securing their rights is the responsibly of everyone in the society. From this point of view, we had many outstanding contributions that we are proud of, to support people of determination, including our community partnership with Al-Manabr Al-Quraniya Society, through which AUB sponsored “Kairokoum” application , the first of its kind that includes the Holy Qur’an and interpretation of its verses in sign language for people with Hearing- Challenges.
Mr. Naqeeb Amin, AUB’s Human Resources General Manager said, “Our participation in this campaign is a national and humanitarian duty towards people of determination. We are considered one of the first banks that care for people of determination.
We previously participated in the “Partners to Employ Them” campaign, through which, we trained a number of people of determination and provided them with a suitable work environment, based on our belief that providing support and assistance to people of determination will enable them to achieve success and become a distinct addition to human wealth.

Amin added, “AUB is also keen to provide the best banking services to people of determination, that suit their various needs, as AUB has successfully equipped a number of its branches to receive people of determination and help them carry out their banking transactions very easily.

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