Ahli United Bank sheds light on customer protection and raising the awareness of their rights

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26 September 2021

Ahli United Bank sheds light on customer protection and raising the awareness of their rights

Ahli United Bank( AUB) pursues to provide banking awareness to customers and the public within the Be Aware” (“Diraya”) campaign launched at the initiative of CBK in cooperation with Kuwaiti banks with the aim of disseminating financial culture to the widest segment of society, promoting awareness among the public of their rights and duties and how to best benefit from the various services provided by banks, in addition to raising awareness of ways and mechanisms to combat fraud and financial crimes, and urging customers to report any fraud that they may be exposed to.
In this respect, Ahli United Bank underlines in a press release the importance of raising customer awareness of their rights, providing them protection and familiarizing them with the procedures to follow to ensure that their rights are protected, stressing that customer protection and ensuring that best practices are followed in the banking sector is a safety valve for the banking industry.
On this occasion, Mrs. Sahar Dashti General Manager of Customer Protection at AUB said, “At Ahli United Bank, we are keen to focus our attention on the quality of service provided to our customers. In this regard, AUB launched the “Customer Experience Evaluation System”, which allows customers to share their opinions, remarks and suggestions with the bank, on the services and products the bank provides as soon as they receive these services and products, through an advanced dynamic system. This system has strengthened banking links to customers, which helps the bank to take the necessary measures to further develop its services and maintain customer satisfaction. The bank’s Service Quality Unit is also expanding the bank’s internal service quality measurement tools through a direct digital system that includes all the bank’s departments to achieve integrated quality management and create a culture of excellence and endless development, taking into account the best techniques in this regard.
Dashti added: We value the efforts of “Diraya” campaign to educate customers about their rights and to advise them about the proper steps to follow to raise a complaint in the event of dissatisfaction with any product or service provided by their banks.
Dashti reiterated that Ahli United Bank focuses great attention to any complaint raised by its customers and works hard through the bank’s Complaint Unit to efficiently solve all complaints, advises complainants and helps them recognize the procedures related to their complaints, ensuring that all complaints are resolved in a timely manner. The bank warrants to reply customer complains at the agreed time and follows up on all required corrective actions until full execution and attaining customer satisfaction.
Dashti pointed out that promoting awareness among customers, concerning for their protection and maintaining their satisfaction not only provide support for customers, but also reflect positively on the support and protection of the banking sector as a whole, which helps to achieve financial inclusion.
For more information on the bank products and services, please visit any of Ahli United Bank's branches, or call AUB Hayakom service at 1812000 or visit the bank website www.ahliunited.com.kw.

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