AUB distributes blankets among laborers in various regions of Kuwait

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06 January 2022

AUB distributes blankets among laborers in various regions of Kuwait

As part of its CSR and voluntary efforts, Ahli United Bank (AUB) launched a new humanitarian initiative. In this initiative the Bank distributed a number of blankets to cleaners, construction workers and elementary occupations. Through this initiative, AUB aims to provide these groups protection from severe cold weather and to make them feel warm.

Commenting on this humanitarian initiative, Mrs. Faten Al-Tameemi; Head of Social Media & Corporate Social Responsibility at AUB, said in a press release: Ahli United Bank has a leading role in providing support, assistance and care to the needy groups. The Bank provides this support to the neediest directly or in partnership with various civil society institutions.

Al-Tameemi added: This initiative reflects the Bank’s commitment towards the needy and low-income groups, who perform essential works in the service of society. Human and Islamic values urge us to provide them protection from the severe cold wave witnessed by the country in winter. This initiative also aims to promote the spirit of social responsibility among the Bank's employees. It gives them the opportunity to participate in activities directed at serving the community.

Al-Tameemi pointed out that AUB is always keen to strengthen the culture of sustainable social responsibility. This can be achieved by providing help and support to the needy people through charities working in the humanitarian field. This can also be achieved by distributing subsidies to the needy directly as was done in this initiative.
Al-Tameemi said: Kuwait is a Country of Humanity, and its people are benevolent. AUB, as one of the key players in the Kuwaiti banking sector and in line with its tireless charitable efforts, is following the same path in strengthening high principles of human solidarity and social cohesion. She emphasized that this initiative was launched based on the Bank's Senior Management recognition of the importance of meeting the actual needs of the community. It also aims to spread the spirit of solidarity, warmth and mercy among its members.

Al-Tameemi added that AUB continues to provide all forms of social and humanitarian support to the most needy to help draw a smile on their faces and bring joy and happiness to their hearts. The Bank is always keen to remain supportive in alleviating the suffering of all groups of society that need support under these circumstances witnessed by Kuwait and the whole world. She confirmed that Kuwait humanitarian support reaches out to all those in need.

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