Treasury Services

Treasury Services

Innovative solutions and integrated services within your reach

Treasury Group at AUB

Based on our leading role in the Kuwaiti market, we offer you a range of Islamic products and services that meet the changing and growing regional market requirements. Being the Islamic arm of Ahli United Bank, we are able to capitalize on the internal expertise we draw from our leading financial network to offer innovative solutions tailored to your needs in accordance with Islamic Shari'a.

Corporate Sales

Serving you is our top priority and represents one of our unique advantages in the world of banking and business. We have established a customer service office that responds to your requests efficiently and in a timely manner. The Corporate Sales Department is the front end of the Treasury Administration, which harnesses knowledge and speed of service to meet customer needs and requirements.

Foreign Exchange

Spot Foreign Exchange

Ahli United Bank is a leading provider of foreign exchange services, offering competitive exchange rates for international money transfers and a speedy personal service to private individuals and companies according to their needs.

The Bank also offers foreign exchange services in over 100 currencies via a wide network of global AUB locations, in addition to third party payments that extends the bank’s reach to areas the entity have no presence.

Foreign Currency Derivatives (Waad-Based)

These procedures take place between you and the Bank for the sale of foreign currencies with a future obligation based on the current exchange rate. Disbursement and payment take place at a later agreed date but the contract is signed now. This procedure helps reduce the risk of exchange rate fluctuations until the maturity of the obligation.

Profit Rate Swap (PRS)

Profit Rate Swap (PRS) is an Islamic hedging solution to protect your business from interest rate volatility. (PRS) is an agreement to exchange profit rates between a Fixed Rate and a Floating Rate or vice versa implemented through the execution of a series of Murabaha contracts.

These derivatives are offered to customers through a dedicated team of certified dealers who would provide custom tailored solutions based on client needs.

Financial Market

Wakala Investment

It is an Islamic financial market investment instrument that gives you competitive financial returns on a specific investment period.
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