New Salary System

New Salary System

New System ... Many Facilities

The AHLI UNITED BANK’s (AUBK) new salary system provided to our customers is a Microsoft Excel sheet under file name "AUBK_ Salaries.xlsx" that can be taken from the head-office branch-Floor B1, which provides many facilities to comply with KBA/CBK requirement.

Facilities & Benefits

  • The file allows the customers to input beneficiary’s IBAN or non-IBAN account (For AUB accounts).
  • Allows the authorized customers to input salary payment details of all local banks in the same file.
  • Allows AUBK staff to generate automatically the processed salary list required by the Ministry of Social Affairs (Shaun) against normal fees debited from the employers A/C
  • In all cases, the ultimate responsibility for employee’s identification and verification receiving the transfer and the purpose of payment is the responsibility of the Entity/company.

Salary File Creation Process

The salary file creation process contains the following four functions, detailed steps for each are provided further in this page:


  • Input employer details
  • Input salary data or remove salary data
  • Generate salary file and print report
  • Print salary report (optional if the user wants to print reports only)

First Function: Input Employer Details

Employer has to input the firm/company details in the upper section of the sheet as shown in green highlighted area 1 in Image (A). All fields are mandatory and it should be filled in.


File Number No.
File number is the file number provided by ministry of social affairs & labor, for each firm.

Firm Name
The registered name of the firm name with the ministry of social affairs and labor.

Firm’s Account Number with AUBK

  • The firm (entity/company) should update the Account’s data at the “Know Your Customer” Form upon submitting the service or KYC details update to be confirmed in advance. It is the firm’s responsibility to inform the bank of any modification in these data.

  • The company account number to be debited. Customer can enter the account or the IBAN. If the account number is entered the system will generate the IBAN account number automatically.


The purpose of payment is categorized as follows from which one option must be selected as well as separate files should be created for each type of payment:


  • Salary
  • Leave Salary
  • Final Settlement
  • Allowances


AUBK will provide a 4 character unique code for each firm (employer).

Salary Value Date
The date the salary should be credited to the employees by the Bank.

Salary for the Month of
Select the month for the salary to be paid.


Image A


File Number

Firm Name

Firm's Account Number with AUBK



Salary Value Date

Salary for the Month of

Number of Employees

Total Payment


Second Function: Input Salary Data / Remove Salary Data

Input Salary Data
The following employee details should be entered (in English or Arabic):

  • Serial no.
  • Bank Code (choose the bank code from the drop down list to which the payment to be credited)
  • Account Number
  • Civil Id Number
  • Name
  • Salary Amount
  • Staff number (employee ID No. /serial Number)


Remove Salary Record
In case an employee left the organization or user want to remove a particular salary record from file

  • Select the record and click delete salary/line button.

Third Function: Generate Salary File

  • When the data entry is completed and when it’s ready to generate the salary file, click the “Generate Salary File” button.
  • This process will generate the salary file in the same folder where this excel sheet is copied on the user’s machine. (A confirmation box will appear for the successful/unsuccessful generation of the file).
  • But in case there are wrong or inconsistent data in the file, the wrong data will be marked red and need to be corrected before generating the file.

Fourth Function: Print Salary Report

The following reports will be printed automatically when the ‘Print Reports’ option is selected:


  • A covering letter addressed to AUBK with a bank wise report of the total number of employees, the total salary amount and the grant total of the amount to be debited.
  • A detailed report of the salary list with AUBK SC code. This is a special verification code to be verified by AUBK salary system to ensure the integrity of the file. The SC code should be copied to the covering letter.
  • Once this salary file generator (excel file) is created and saved, it can be used to generate the salary list every month. (Salary month and year to be changed and the file to be generated again).

Salary Payment Request to AUBK

The print out of the covering letter along with the detailed report signed by the authorized account signatories should be forwarded to AUBK salary section Located at Floor B1 in Head Office along with the soft copy of the .txt file copied to a USB/CD.

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