Murabaha Real Estate

Murabaha Real Estate

Murabaha Real Estate

We finance your property to secure your profit!

Murabaha real estate gives you profit. At Ahli United Bank, we buy and own a property that the customer needs and then we sell it to them on a deferred-payment basis at a cost plus profit price. Are you interested? Go to the bank to provide financing for the purchase of a property, and buy the property from the bank at a pre-agreed price consisting of the cost plus profit with deferred payment.
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Because supporting you is our priority, we have designed the Murabaha real estate for you with the following features:

  • The payment can be made monthly, quarterly, bi-annually, or in full.
  • The cost and price of the Murabaha real estate property must be clearly specified before the contract is concluded.
  • Flexible duration.

Do you wish to obtain Murabaha financing?

All you have to do is follow these simple steps:

  • Audited financial statements and cash flow statements for the last three financial years
  • New property evaluation
  • Your legal documents
  • Official facility request form

What are the fees and commissions?

Price: Fixed price (Central Bank discount rate +%)

Terms and conditions

  • The customer must submit recent evaluations of collaterals, which shall be evaluated on a periodical basis.
  • The property/properties must be insured by a Sharia-compliant insurance policy.
  • Granting the facilities is subject to internal assessment and approvals.
  • The customer shall disclose to the Bank all the parties associated with it economically or legally pursuant to the definition contained in the instructions of the Central Bank regarding the maximum limits of credit.

Frequently asked questions

Who owns the property under Murabaha Real Estate?
The property will be in the name of the customer and mortgaged to the bank.
Can the Murabaha Real Estate support medium or long term finance?
Yes, Murabaha Real Estate can be tailored in flexible terms depending on the financing requirement and bank credit assessment.

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Murabaha Real Estate

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