About Us

About Us

Corporate banking: what is it?

A comprehensive suite of Sharia-compliant financing solutions we offer you through our corporate banking services that are tailored to meet the needs of the various sectors.

Our focus

Our focus is on understanding the nature of your business, operations and financing requirements in order to provide you with the best services that will help you develop your business. These innovative solutions cover the needs of working capital financing for companies, mortgage finance, contracting financing, commercial services, cash management and treasury products.

Our goal

Our goal is to build a partnership with you to explore growth opportunities and provide the best financing solutions that are compatible with these opportunities to achieve the desired results.

Corporate Banking

Our team is at your service

We offer you our banking services with our commitment to being within the high level of professionalism that you deserve. For this purpose, the management includes a team of experts with a wide range of expertise, especially with regard to Islamic banking financing in both local and foreign markets.

Our philosophy is based on maintaining strong working relationships with you through better knowledge of you and your business. Our team is divided into Corporate Banking and SME Management.

Wise management to serve you

A comprehensive suite of Sharia-compliant financing solutions supported by our management to help you achieve your growth goals, expand your business, and respond to ongoing dynamic changes within the business environment.

Our portfolio of financing solutions includes business services, working capital financing, and project financing. Our client base includes local and foreign companies, both locally and internationally.

Our team has extensive experience and knowledge within various economic sectors

Trading & Telecom Sector

The team has expertise and competence in the commercial, retail and telecom sectors to serve and monitor client operations, including improving and managing cash flows and providing the best solutions and financial instruments that help improve the quality of operational activity and working capital.

This is in addition to providing advice to suit customers’ expansion plans and offering products that would serve capital expenditure and customer asset growth.

Construction and contracting sector

The sector serves contracting and industrial companies in the execution and financing of contracts on easy terms to guarantee that the company will collect and receive payments by suppliers and customers.

This is in addition to following up the activity periodically, communicating with the client company, and providing the appropriate advice that is in line with customer requirements and market performance.

Automotive sector

The Automotive Unit is specialized in catering clients with business activities related directly or indirectly with the automotive sector. It is intended to provide top quality products and services to cater the client’s working capital requirements as well as providing trade finance solutions to enhance customer’s trade cycle. In addition, the team provides consultancy and up to date market analysis and studies related to the auto-sector for the purpose of identifying areas of opportunities to invest and areas of risks to be avoided within the challenges faced in local and regional changes in the market conditions.

Real estate & Investment sector

The real estate & investment sector team advises the client on the latest developments in the various sectors of the real estate & investment market, in addition to offering the appropriate solutions and options by providing the right product that achieves the customer’s objectives on the short and long term.

This ensures the improvement of the quality of the customer’s assets portfolio and diversifies their sources of income while reducing costs and risk ratios.

Food, medicine and energy sector

In line with the requirements of the local market to provide services and products in the field of food, medicine and energy, this sector provides you with integrated services that ensure the quality of the working environment and provide appropriate opportunities to improve efficiency, performance, support and development of operational and working capital activities, as well as support of expansion projects by providing the appropriate product or service.

Management of small and medium enterprises (SMEs)

Because we recognize the value and importance of SMEs that have the opportunity to become future leaders in business sectors, we believe that we can best support you in achieving your growth goals.
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