Vision and Mission

Vision and Mission


Our goal is for Ahli United Bank to become the leading bank in the Islamic banking business in accordance with international standards and for customers to always remain at the forefront of our priorities.


  • To offer customers innovative Sharia-compliant financial solutions, competitive products and high quality services.
  • To apply high standards in corporate governance and risk management, and maintain a strong capital base to achieve the greatest possible returns to shareholders on a permanent basis.
  • To maintain and develop our efficient and professional staff by establishing an administrative structure that helps stimulate management according to merit, in order to always be the employer of choice for employees.
  • To provide state-of-the-art technology to meet customer requirements first and foremost.
  • To contribute to community and economic development, and meet the Bank’s social responsibility requirements.

Key institutional objectives

  • Sustainable consolidation and promotion of shareholders' rights.
  • Adopt the highest standards of corporate governance and banking compliance.
  • Apply the best standards of capital and liquidity.
  • Establish a culture of disciplined risk management and cost.
  • Build a mutual culture and efficient management structure.
  • Contribute to community and economic progress of society.
  • Instill a culture of Sharia compliance within the Bank through appropriate policies and programs
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