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Special Needs

Special Needs

Serving you with humanity and professionalism is our commitment and responsibility

We at Ahli United Bank have always been keen to provide a comfortable and effortless banking experience to all our customers, especially those with special needs.

We have a special need for you

We always strive to provide you with a complete range of easy to use banking services that are accessible either personally or online. We are at your service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in our fully equipped branches through our network of various ATMs, call center, online and mobile banking services.

For you, we have updated our website and our online and mobile banking service to provide you with font enlargement features so that we can get closer to you and help you in the best way.

Ours is a serious and continuous commitment to harness all tools and services to ensure a safe and comfortable environment for all our customers with different needs.
  • Salary Account

  • ATMs

    In order to serve you and offer you secure banking transactions, we have updated our ATMs so that you are able to withdraw money, deposit cash, deposit checks, inquire about your balance, transfer funds between accounts, and issue PIN codes for the telebanking service, among other services.
  • Online and Mobile Banking

    You need us, and we need to provide you with complete convenience and facilitate your banking transactions. You will be able to complete most of your banking transactions whenever you wish without having to visit any of our branches.
  • SMS Service

    In order to save time and effort, we offer you with an SMS banking service that enables you to obtain Ahli United Bank banking information on your mobile phone via SMS.
  • Our branches and services

    We reach you through a wide network of branches. Your banking transactions will be completed easily, since we have dedicated branches to serve our clients with special needs in all governorates of Kuwait.
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