Internet Banking Security

Security is our Priority !

Ahli United Bank puts the security and confidentiality of your personal information at the top of its priorities as it strives to keep your personal and account information safe and secure.


At Ahli United Bank, we protect user credentials using industry-specified encryption standards. It helps to protects all data that is transferred between the bank and its customers.

Bank has implemented additional security form factors like One Time Password (OTP) or Challenge Questions (CQ) to authenticate all types transactions on Internet Banking. Challenge questions are a security feature that adds an extra level of protection for your transactions and personal information. These questions and answers are personal to you and help us verify your identity. You may be asked to answer your challenge questions at various points whilst using Internet Banking. Please follow guidelines while setting answers to challenging questions:
1. Make sure the answers are difficult be guessed or researched
2. Answers are precise, easy, and consistent

Ahli United Bank gives its customers double protection with the One Time Password (OTP). It is a unique password which will be sent only to registered mobile number for performing online transactions apart from basic viewing of our account details. OTP received is for single use only and is valid for 60 Seconds from the time of generation. This One Time Password acts as an additional layer of security to your login ID and password.

As a part of our ongoing endeavor to improve the safety and security of internet banking, Ahli United Bank may ask to authenticate certain transactions that seem risky with an One Time Password (OTP). This OTP is a unique password which will be sent only to registered mobile number. This One Time Password acts as an additional layer of security to your login ID and password.


Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) is done for sensitive transactions such as adding a new beneficiary, transferring funds and updating contact details. It is a onetime unique password which will be sent to registered mobile phone number to ensure the safety of your information updates.

Our customers bank on a secure webpage that encrypts the session between the customer's computer and the webpage, using industry-specified encryption standards so that the communication cannot be intercepted by anyone over the internet. Our systems automatically time out the customer's login sessions at pre-defined period of time to protect against misuse.

Extended Validation (EV) SSL Certificate (EVSSL) is an online security certificate where the address bar changes to green color, so you know the Ahli United Bank website is genuine and secured. This feature is supported by latest version browsers.

Our banking systems are secured using state-of-the-art security solutions such as firewalls, intrusion detection systems, intrusion prevention systems, anti-malware systems etc. All high-risk transactions undergo 24x7 monitoring. We have robust processes and competent service providers who monitor the security of our systems round the clock.

There are instant email and SMS alerts sent on all purchases and transactions done with your Debit/Credit Card to registered email ID and mobile phone numbers. This is to ensure that you know and keep a track of the purchases you make with your card and alert you if you notice any discrepancies. Every time you sign in to Ahli United Bank Internet Banking, your last login date and time will be displayed on the top of the page. This will help you notice any unauthorized logins and alert you if someone other than you had accessed your account.

Secure Online Purchase

An extra level of authentication is necessary when you shop online without Debit / Credit Card apart from the basic details that you enter for your purchases. After you finish entering your Card details at the merchant website, you will be directed to our secured Payment gateway, where you will be required to enter your login details, IPIN (Internet Password) OR 3D Secure Password or through an OTP (One Time Password) sent to your mobile phone to authenticate and complete your transaction.

Basic Tips

"1. Avoid accessing internet banking from shared computer networks such as cyber cafes or public Wi-Fi network like hotel/airport etc.
2. Always visit the AUB's Online Banking Site through bank's home page by typing the bank's website address ( on to the browser's address bar
3. Use virtual keyboard feature while logging into your internet banking account
4. Always type in your confidential account information. Do not copy paste it
5. Monitor your transactions regularly. Use bank's Instant Alerts (SMS Alerts)and bring any fraudulent transaction to the notice of the bank
5. Always shop or make payments through trusted/reputed websites
6. Do not click on links in emails. Always type the URL in the address bar of the browser
7. If you are a frequent online shopper, signup for Master Card secure code program (3D Secure)
8. Check your account statements regularly and bring any fraudulent transaction to the notice of the bank.
9. Do not enter your confidential account information such as Credit Card Numbers, Expiry Date, CVV values, etc. on any pop-up windows.
10. Observe click discipline while browsing through different websites. You may land up clicking on to malicious link that could download malicious code / software or virus on to your computer.
11. Downloading software from non-trustworthy sites including torrent sites may lead to infecting your computer with virus.
12. Read privacy policy of the website before entering personal information such as name and email ID. Be aware of how your information would be used by the website owner.
13. Always remember to log off Internet Banking and close your browser when you have finished your online banking"
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