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Special Needs Services Accessibility

At Ahli United Bank, we take pride in creating a convenient banking experience for all our customers, including those who have special needs. In person or online, we strive to make all our services more accessible to our customers with special needs and are happy to serve you at our specially dedicated branches, vast ATM network, 24/7 call center or through our Internet & Mobile Banking platforms.

Our website and Internet and Mobile Banking channels are also updated with accessibility features such as larger fonts, simpler design and compatibility with screen readers to assist you.

We continue to invest in tools and services to ensure that all our customers and especially those with special needs enjoy a safe, assured and secure environment.

Our Policy For Accessibility

  • A branch per governorate was allocated to serve the special needs segment.
  • Priority queues at the branches and the call center.
  • Forms, agreements, contracts, statements or system generated documents (such as transaction advices) relevant to the products and services applicable for special needs have been enhanced to enable Braille printing and/or made available in audio format. These documents are not considered legally binding, and only those documents printed in ink will be considered authoritative.
  • A designated device will be made available at nominated RO stations for customers to be able to listen/view documents transcribed in audio or video.
  • In order to ensure the appropriate fees will be applied, a special profile/segment is created in the core banking systems to identify customer records with the following flags:
    • If they are disabled or not
    • Type of disability
    • Degree of disability
  • Customers can only be flagged for special needs upon presenting a disability certificate (see Appendix I for sample).
  • Some of the products and services fees were discounted or waived for the special needs customers; and the changes have been reflected in the schedule of charges (see Appendix I for list of exceptions to fees for special needs customers).
  • Accessible parking is made available in the selected branches along with the ramps to provide convenience and easy access for the special needs customers.
  • Selected ATMs in the special needs branches have been modified to serve special need customers and are equipped with following services:
    • Secured access doors:
      • Enable only one customer to conduct transaction at any time.
      • Emergency button to alert security control room at H.O. and the door will be held open until control room resets.
      • A timer is set to alert security room and end the ATM vestibule private access if customer spent more than 20 min.
    • Braille enabled keypad
    • Voice guidance system that will dim the ATM screen and provide assistance through an audio jack for the following ATM functions:
      • Quick Cash Withdrawal
      • Cash Withdrawal (Custom amount)
      • Balance Inquiry
      • Within Account Transfer – AUB customers only
      • ATM PIN Change – AUB customers only
    • Ramp to ATM access
    • Once Voice Guidance is activated, statement printing is disabled for security reasons
  • Staff trained in Sign Language will be available to assist deaf and mute customers.
  • Nominated branches to be equipped with the following specialized hardware and services:
    • Dedicated Braille printer
    • Dedicated computer with required hardware to view documents in audio and video
    • Dedicated counters designed for easy accessibility for wheelchair users
    • Privacy areas for special needs customers and their guests
  • Dedicated safe deposit lockers are clearly marked in the designated branches.
  • Photo enhanced debit and credit cards.
  • All products and services shall be made available for customers with disabilities similar to the services and products provided to other customers’ segments.
  • Products and services shall be enhanced to ensure accessibility by all customers.
  • Branches shall be equipped with all necessary tools and systems required to service special needs customers.
  • Customers with special needs to be treated in a fair and equitable manner.
  • Agreements, contracts and applications that contain terms and conditions are to made available in multiple formats:
    • Braille
    • Sign Language
    • Audio transcription
  • Upon customer’s request, documents shall be made available in the formats listed above.
  • Documents in alternative formats are for information purposes only and customers (or their designated representatives) shall sign on the (ink) printed documents, agreements and/or advices as and if required; and acknowledge that the applicant has understood all risks, responsibilities, charges, obligations and terms and agreements for the product or service.
  • All staff shall be responsible for ensuring that critical information regarding products, services, terms and conditions, charges and obligations, risks and rights are understood by these customers before providing them any product or service.
  • Legal assistant appointed by court order is required for customers with dual disabilities.
  • Any transaction (financial or otherwise) which is related to a special needs customer shall be witnessed and countersigned by two bank staff, in addition to any or all of the following as required:
    • Customer’s witness
    • Court appointed legal assistant
  • The Bank shall make available debit and credit cards with embossed text and customer’s picture upon the request of the customer.
  • Cash withdrawal through the counter shall be free of charge for special needs customers.
  • Bank shall ensure customers are made aware of products, services and enhancements through marketing communications and collateral across all applicable channels.
  • Any new marketing collateral, documentation, modification to existing forms or applications shall be made available in alternative formats (as applicable).
  • No handwritten forms shall be accepted.