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Retail BankingOwn Your Property Today with AUB

With our Real Estate Finance, you can purchase the property you want and enjoy the various competitive features through our wide network of branches spread inside Kuwait.

  • Best finance rate
  • Competitive profit margin
  • Settlement period of up to 10 years
  • Fast approval
  • Instant land registration in customer’s name
Own Your Property

Be it a Building, Villa, Apartment, or Land.

There is no need to compromise on your ambitions; AUB offers you the finance you want to purchase a building, villa, apartment or land. Our Real Estate Finance offerings will help you achieve your goals to grown your income and own another property.

  • Available for Kuwaitis and GCC citizens
  • Down payments starting at 25% (lease with option to own)
Eligible Local Properties:

Property Type Customer’s Payment Bank’s Finance
Lands 50% 50%
Villas and Residences 40% 60%
Investment Properties 25% 75%

Easy Steps:
  • Open an account at any of our branches
  • Fill in and sign the required applications
Benefits and Features:
  • Finance starting at KD 70,000
  • Settlement period of up to 10 years for residential properties
  • Grace period of up to 6 months
  • Flexible repayment options
  • Profit rate/ fixed or varied payments/instalments till end of contract
  • Property assessment by experts prior to purchase
  • Instant land registration in customer’s name
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