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The service enables customers to access the account and conduct financial transactions safely and easily, through their mobile devices. Customer may enjoy a wide range of services via smartphone devices anytime and anywhere.

  • Paying credit card as well as company bills
  • Making payments to Zakat House and charitable organizations
  • Accessing account details and view activities
  • Viewing credit cards details and statement
  • Viewing financing details
  • Transferring funds between personal accounts free-of-charge.
  • Transferring funds to local bank accounts free-of-charge Easy & Flexible locally and internationally
  • Transferring to international bank accounts at reduced fee of KD 2.000 per transfer, excluding further commissions charged by other banks, which will be deducted from the transferred funds
  • Online banking account
Q & A:
  • How long does a payment transfer take through mobile banking?
  • Local banks 24 hours and 15 minutes through AUB accounts
  • What bills can I pay through Mobile Banking?
  • Commercial facilities bill payments, credit card payments, zakat house and other charitable payments

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