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Ways to Get Your Statement

Receive your bank statement wherever you are and whenever you want. Simply choose any of the convenient options:

Statements via E-mail

You can request to receive a statement via e-mail for the period you want, either monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or yearly, by visiting any of our branches or calling Hayakom on 1812000.

Print statements at any Branch

You can request a free monthly statement printout at any branch.

Print Mini Statements at ATMs

If you would like to print a mini statement through the ATM, all you need to do is log into your account by inserting your card and entering your PIN. Then choose "Other Services", followed by "Mini Statement", and choose from the last 10 transactions made on your account.

Statements via Internet Banking

You can get your bank statement by accessing your account via our Internet Banking. Simply select "Accounts" from the menu, then "Download Statement", followed by the Account Name and required period of the statement. The statement will be sent to the e-mail you have submitted.

Telebanking 1812000

Get your statement via fax or e-mail by calling Hayakom Telebanking service, where our staff will be ready to assist you 24/7.