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Corporate Banking
Treasury Services

AUB Treasury

Ahli United Bank-Kuwait’s Treasury is a major player in the Kuwaiti market, offering Islamic business solutions to the ever-growing business climate in the region. As an Islamic arm of AUB group, we are a apart of a network of financial institutions that make us capable of catering to all clients’ request. AUB Kuwait's Modern Islamic Treasury offers Sharia compliant products.

Corporate Sales

AUB Kuwait is considered top tier in regards to customer service, and has a specialized Corporate Sales desk that caters to the clients’ requests in an efficient and speedy manner. In many respects, corporate sales are the face of the Treasury and are increasingly active in contacting clients and fulfilling their orders.

Foreign Exchange

Spot Foreign Exchange
Ahli United Bank is a leading provider of foreign exchange services, offering competitive exchange rates for international money transfers and an unrivalled personal service to private individuals and companies with a foreign exchange requirement. (Click to view Daily Counter FX Rates)

Foreign Currency Forward (Waad Based )
FX Waad involves an arrangement between the bank and the Clients to conduct a sale of foreign currency in the future at a price fixed today. Both settlement and delivery will only happen on future agreed dates, while the contract is sealed today.

Money Market

Wakala Investment
An Islamic Money Market instrument which gives a Competitive profit rate over an investment period.

Commodity Based Murabaha Investment
is a trade related transaction within Islamic Money Market liquidity management instruments with known profit upfront

Foreign Exchange
A market report updated Daily with current news and analysis. (Click to view Daily Market Reports)