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Corporate Banking
Shari'ah Compliant Solutions

1. Corporate Current Account

The Current Account provides a flexible and simple way to start your banking relationship. You will have easy access to your account at any time through our branch network, ATMs and on-line banking which is available round the clock 7 days a week.

You will be able to:

  • Deposit and withdraw at any of our conveniently located branch counters or onsite/offsite ATMs, absolutely free of charge.
  • Effect foreign currency remittances
  • Effect Standing Instructions
  • Ensure check book facilities, timely Statement of Accounts, and Balance Enquiry Service
2. Corporate Investment Solutions

Mudaraba Investment Deposits
With Investment Deposits based on the Shari’ah principle of Mudaraba, you will have the ability to invest your funds with us for any period up to one year where the bank will invest your funds as a Mudareb and declare/distribute the profits on a quarterly basis.

Wakala Investment Deposits
The best solution for large deposit amounts where AUB directly invests the funds on your behalf based on the Shari’ah principle of Wakala Investment in Shari’ah compliant assets for the specific period desired. Accordingly, you may be entitled to an expected realized return on Maturity Date.

3. Corporate Financing Solutions

Trade Finance
We offer an extensive range of trade-related services. We are geared to handle all forms of Letters of Credit and Letters of Guarantee. Whether importing for local consumption or for re-exports, we offer appropriate solutions with the highest global standards in service quality.

Working Capital Murabaha Based Finance
Our range of Shari’ah compliant Working Capital Finance solutions allows you to manage your daily business more efficiently. We offer flexible Shari’ah compliant solutions for all short term financing requirements ranging from inventory to working capital finance.

Assets & Capital Expenditure Finance
As part of your expansion or productivity enhancement plan, you may need to acquire new assets or replace/upgrade old assets, in which case our Shari’ah compliant solutions for medium and long term finance are appropriate for this purpose.

Real Estate Finance
Whether you are buying new property or developing property, converting the ideas you have on paper to real ground could be made possible through our Shari’ah compliant products.

Contracting Finance
Whether you have been contracted to build, manufacture or deliver assets, we have the Shari’ah compliant products to best serve you.

Project Finance
For your infrastructure and construction projects, we have several customized Shari’ah compliant solutions that would support the same.

For Islamic Investment Companies involved in Shari’ah compliant investment activities in terms of asset and funds management, and investment opportunities, we have Shari’ah compliant solutions to provide the required financing.

4. AUB eBanking solution

Our e-banking delivers simple, cost-effective solutions to meet your requirements for end-to-end service and quality, combined with first class delivery.