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Shariah Board

The Shari'ah Board Structure

Shari’ah Supervision Board of the Bank is composed of four members of the revered scholars specialized in jurisprudence of the modern financial transactions.

Responsibilities of the Shari’ah Board

The Shari’ah Board shall be responsible for the Bank business presented to it by the executive management and confirm they comply with the Islamic Shari’ah provisions. In this regard, the Shari’ah Board issues resolutions and take the necessary actions. Resolutions of the Shari’ah Board are binding upon the Bank management and shall issue regular Shari’ah reports on the Bank business.

Names of Members of the Shari’ah Supervision Board

Sheikh Dr. Khaled Al-Mathkour

Sheikh Dr. Abdulaziz Khalifa Al-Qassar
Member and Reporter

Sheikh Dr. Essam Khalaf Al-Enezi

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